PETERBOROUGH — The Peterborough Chapter of 100+ Women Who Care celebrated four years of giving Thursday night and saw the group’s total donations exceed the $100,000 mark.

Four years ago, founder Carol Nelson and 25 other women met for the first time as 100+ Women Who Care Peterborough. Now, the group is 226 members strong and has changed its name to 100+ Women Who Care Greater Peterborough to include the many members who live outside of Peterborough.

The group meets four times a year to hear presentations made by three randomly chosen charities. The charities are chosen at random from all of the charities that were nominated since the last meeting. Anyone can nominate a charity by going to the group’s website.  All members present at the meeting take a vote to decide who will receive their collective donations.

MCVP Director Robin Christopherson (fifth from left) is flanked by WWC Steering Committee members Lexy Heatley, Barbara Reynolds, Sharon Smith, Debra Heckathorn, Karen Hatcher, and Arlene MacArthur.

Presentations were made at the July 28 meeting by representatives of the Monadnock Humane Society, The Glass Museum and the Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention (MCVP) with the majority of the votes going to MCVP.

This is the second time in the group’s history that the collective donations will go to an organization that has received donations at a prior meeting. Two years ago, at the July meeting, MCVP received $6,200 from the group when its membership was smaller. Thursday night’s meeting is expected to produce a total of $11,300 to support MCVP’s mission. MCVP will use the 100+ Women Who Care funds to support and potentially expand their Roving Advocate position. This position works out of The River Center in Peterborough one day per week and will, with increased funding, work out of a Jaffrey office.

The 100+ Women Who Care steering committee thanked the Shattuck for providing the space for all this to happen and set the date of the next meeting on Thursday, October 26th, location to be determined. Membership requirements are that each member must commit to donating $50 per meeting directly to the charity that receives the majority of the votes at each meeting, regardless of who the member voted for. There are 4 meetings per year and attendance at meetings is not required.