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JAFFREY –The Graceful Giving Campaign, a unique celebration of New Hampshire’s hardworking non-profits, wrapped up on October 31 after bringing in more than 50 donations. “I was heartened by the level of participation in this campaign. Each person that donated actively made a difference in the lives of others in our communities,” said Robin Eichert, founder of PeopleSense Consulting in Jaffrey and the creator of Graceful Giving.

The month-long campaign ran throughout October to celebrate the birthday of Eichert’s dog Grace who’s no ordinary pup. When she was little, Grace was rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico by a non-profit. Eichert launched Graceful Giving as a way to honor the spirit of generosity and kindness that saved her inspirational canine companion.

Instead of gifts for Grace, donors from all over the region and beyond made contributions to six participating non-profits: Arts Alive!, Cedarcrest Center for Children with Disabilities, Community Volunteer Transportation Company (CVTC), Keene Family YMCA, Monadnock Humane Society (MHS), and New Hampshire Coalition to End Homelessness (NHCEH). The donations, given in any amount, showed appreciation and support for the vital work non-profits do in our communities.

At the start of the campaign, each non-profit chose an item from their wish list for which to raise funds. While all of the non-profits benefitted by receiving donations, Arts Alive! won a Grand Prize for receiving support from the largest number of individual donors. The Keene-based non-profit works to enhance quality of life by advancing arts and culture in the Monadnock region.

The funds they raised will be used to support their Artist to Artist program, which they host in partnership with The Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship. The program includes monthly workshops during which presenters share tips and tricks to improve creative industry business practices. This includes ways for artists to build partnerships with local businesses and non-profits to increase the community’s access to arts and expressive outlets.

Arts Alive!’s executive director, Jessica Gelter said, “The Graceful Giving campaign was a wonderful way for us to promote our thriving Artist to Artist workshop program. We could reach new donors and re-connect with former ones, reminding them of the value of our programming.”

In addition to receiving donations for their innovative program, Arts Alive! won an exclusive, half-day team-building workshop entitled Graceful Leadership: Building Respectful Relationships. The workshop, which Includes ‘Everything DiSC Workplace Profile’ assessments and facilitation by Eichert, is valued at $1800. One lucky Graceful Giving donor, Hannah Walton, was also chosen at random to win $100 cash.

Though the prizes certainly added to the excitement of this year’s campaign, Eichert said, “The best part was everyone coming together to build community.”

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