Some of the Greenerborough Team: Jeanne Dietsch, Alexandra Walker, James Kelly, Amelia Tracey and Emma Shapiro-Weiss.

By News Release

PETERBOROUGH — A team of environmentally concerned citizens has taken on the task of reviving Greenerborough, a popular event focused on sustainability. The new event, to be held Saturday May 5, sponsored by Froling Energy and Nature’s Green Grocer, is dubbed “Greenerborough 2.0” to indicate that it is a new version of the event. Located in the beautiful Monadnock Region, Greenerborough Day activities are within 50 miles of 2.3 million people, many of whom want to learn about products, techniques and services that will increase the sustainability of their family’s future.

“We felt that Greenerborough was important to the region’s image so we decided to revive it,” says Jeanne Dietsch. “We want Greenerborough 2.0 to showcase our region’s sustainability leaders and to challenge people to adopt more sustainable practices each year.”

Other community members assisting with the relaunch of Greenerborough include: Alexandra Walker, Amelia Tracy, Emma Shapiro-Weiss, James Kelly, Ruth Bednarz, Sean Ryan, Susan Mansfield, Sheldon Pennoyer and Joyce Carroll.

Unlike the original Greenerborough, Greenerborough 2.0 will have two parts: the Greenerborough Fair and Greenerborough Day. The Greenerborough Fair offers companies, non-profits and other groups exhibit space and a means to meet with families and the public from 9am-4pm at the Peterborough Community Center on Rte 101 at Elm Street. There will be activities for children and talks on sustainability from consumer purchasing and building practices to transportation, alternative energy and agricultural technology.

Greenerborough Day includes sponsors in the larger community. For example, Toadstool Bookshop, will feature a table of books on environmental topics. GoHydro is rehabbing dams in New Hampshire. The Greenerborough Team invites area museums, restaurants, shops, concurrent events and other venues to join Greenerborough Day as sponsors. Visitors to Greenerborough Fair will be encouraged to eat, shop and visit Greenerborough Day sponsors before and after they stop in at the Fair.

Companies and other organizations wishing to sponsor Greenerborough Day or exhibit at the Greenerborough Fair can write info@Greenerborough.orgor find more information at