By News Release

HANCOCK — On Wednesday January 10, 2018 at approximately 8:30a.m., the Hancock Police Department responded to a report of a draft horse that was found down on its side in a small 3-sided structure and was not able to get up. Hancock Fire personnel responded to the scene to assist. After speaking with the owners, it was unknown how long the horse was down. The horse, whose name is Blondie, was last seen around 1830 last night in the pasture. The horse appeared to be very tired. A veterinarian out of Henniker was called to the scene. Hancock Highway workers were also called to the scene to assist with tools.

It is believed that the horse had slipped on the icy surface and was not able to get up. All three departments worked for over three hours to remove the horse from the structure using straps and come-a-longs. Workers were able to get the animal back on its feet. The horse appeared to have minor injuries, but it is unclear if they could be more extensive. The horse was walking around eating hay and drinking water.

The Hancock Police Department was assisted on the scene by the Hancock Fire and Rescue Department and the Hancock Highway Department. Greenfield Police covered for emergency calls during the incident.