New Ipswich Budget Committee member Alan Doyle appears in the Keene district court Wednesday with his attorney Steven Bonnette. Photo by MEGHAN PIERCE


KEENE — As of Friday afternoon there had yet to be a decision issued on whether a  temporary restraining order protecting the New Ipswich Town Clerk from a New Ipswich budget Committee member would remain in place.

Whether or not New Ipswich Budget Committee member Alan Doyle sexually harassed New Ipswich Town Clerk Jessica Olson was not the point of the restraining order hearing, but whether or not she has reason to be in fear of him.

“There is no allegation that Alan has threatened her in any way at all,” Doyle’s attorney Steve Bonnette said in court Wednesday. “He’s never done anything against her except flicking the back of her shirt one time.”

Judge Erin B. McIntyre said at the conclusion of the hearing Wednesday that she would review the nearly four hours of testimony given both Wednesday in Keene and in the Jaffrey District Court last week.

McIntyre said she would likely have a decision by the end of the week.

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