8 East Street Tuesday following Monday’s fatal fire. Photo by MEGHAN PIERCE


NORTH WALPOLE — An 18-year-old has been identified as the house fire victim killed in Monday’s early morning fire at 8 East Street.

Daniel Underhill was a student at Fall Mountain Regional High School according to neighbors who said Tuesday that Underhill’s father pounded on neighbors doors early Monday morning asking for help waking up his son.

“He woke us up at 3 o’clock in the morning, him pounding on the door here, and he actually, he went to the other apartment here also, and he was screaming there’s a fire and his son was upstairs and they couldn’t get to him,” said Linda Shepard of 7 East Street on Tuesday. “We all tried to yell and scream — thinking that if the boy could hear anything that maybe he would come to the window or whatever. But it just didn’t happen. And no one could get to him upstairs.”

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