The Rindge Meetinghouse. Photo by MEGHAN PIERCE

By Eric Poor

Used to be I lived in Massachusetts. Back in the 1960s I used to go deer hunting in Vermont. Often I drove up in the middle of the night, taking Route 119 to Route 12 on up to Bellows Falls. Used to be as often as not I’d see deer in the road in East Rindge by the ledges. Used to be a lot more places to hunt deer in Rindge back then.

The Rindge Selectmen’s office used to be on the ground floor of the Meeting House before they built the town office. Used to be the Post Office was in Rindge Center in what is now the Police Station. Used to be the police station was in the back of the original town office in the basement. The dump used to be on Thomas Road and they used to burn it regularly. People used to shoot rats there.

Used to be Thomas Road started at Route 119. That was before they built the “New 202.” The old 202 used to take a dogleg east on Route 119 and another dogleg turn onto Main Street. Used to be just two single blinking traffic lights in Rindge, one at each of those dogleg turns. Fogg’s mini-mart used to be a wood frame building with “FOGG’S” written on the roof in different color shingles. When the new 202 came through, they moved the building up the hill where it became a Finnish bakery and eventually the Rindge Pizza Haven.

Used to be more bars in Rindge. The Red Rooster and the Cyprus Grove (a.k.a. The Greek’s) were two. One time or another I used to bartend at both. The Eleftheriou family told me the Cyprus Grove Restaurant used to be further east until they took it to build the “New 119.”

Used to be if you lived in Rindge and wanted to fill a prescription, buy an article of clothing or shop at a supermarket you had to go to another town.

Used to be very few night lights in Rindge. Used to be you could go outside on a new moon night and be totally blown away by the sheer number of stars in the sky.

Used to be.