By Press Release

WESTMORELAND — On Saturday April 21, 2018 at approximately 3:50 p.m., NH Fish and Game, NH State Police, Westmoreland Fire and Rescue, and Keene Ambulance responded to a 911 call regarding a single ATV crash with rollover on Aldrich Road in Westmoreland.


A 16-year-old female operator from Bridgeport, CT lost control of the ATV while operating on the road causing injuries to both herself and her male passenger, Jose Delacruz-Robles, 35 years old, of Stratford, CT.  The youth operator was transported to Cheshire Medical Center by ambulance.  Delacruz-Robles suffered minor injuries and was released at the scene.


Initial investigation shows that the youth was operating on a town road when she made a sudden right turn causing the ATV to hit a rock-wall and tree stump which caused the ATV to roll down a steep embankment.  The ATV landed on both the operator and passenger.


The youth operator did not have a driver’s license or an OHRV Safety Certificate.  She also was not wearing a helmet or eye protection.  The ATV was being illegally operated on a public way and the ATV was unregistered.  Citations were issued to both occupants of the ATV.


No further information is available at this time.