By Eve Fisher

Your Local Court Jester

Wind River is a suspenseful thriller that follows the unraveling of a mystery surrounding the rape and murder of a woman on an Indian Reservation in Wyoming.

This movie goes to dark places and made me genuinely upset, but I would highly recommend the film.

The fact that the movies is based on real life events is what pulled me in from the start made me so invested in the film.

Jeremy Renner plays wildlife officer Cory Lambert who discovers the body of the 18-year-old woman in the snow covered wilderness in the Wind River Indian Reservation.

He joins rookie FBI Agent Jane Banner, played by Elizabeth Olsen, who uses his deft tracking and hunting skills in the investigation.

Olsen is amazing in this movie. I guess since I’ve only seen her as Scarlet Witch in the Marvel movies her performance in Wind River was a revelation to me of just what a great actress she is. Her character seems so young in the beginning and by the end of the movie, you feel like you’ve watched a child lose their innocence.

Renner delivers a great performance, as usual. There is an intensity he brings to his character, who has painful revelations of his own that make the death of the teen personal for him.

This film brings up an issue I don’t feel like I’ve heard people talk much about much, if at all: life on a reservation, Native American women going missing, and the like.

It really showcases this  issue, while also not shoving the issue in your face.

If you go see Wind River be prepared for some extremely intense scenes. I shouted out loud in the theater, out of shock, horror, anger, you name it. This movie will probably bring you to tears. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see it, though. You should most definitely see it. It’s incredible.

Wind River is rated R.

Its playing at the Peterborough Community Theatre this week through Sept. 14.